The SafeOps Advantage

SafeOps surgical care products are designed to provide the highest level of protection, hygiene and comfort to surgeons, patients and healthcare staff in an operating environment. Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment in state-of-the-art clean-room facilities, and conform to all Indian and International Standards for medical devices.

Our gowns, drapes, caps, masks and other surgical care products are made of the highest quality non-woven fabrics for optimal patient and wearer protection.

  • Lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Effective microbial penetration barrier
  • Resistance to penetration of liquids, particulate matter and micro-organisms
  • Effective sterilization and infection prevention
  • Low lint
  • High tensile and bursting strength

Our disposable surgical care products are much superior to similar re-usable linen products that need to be washed and sterilized after every use, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination between medical staff and the patient’s body fluids during surgery.


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