Welcome to the Safeops

SafeOps Surgical Care was incorporated with the vision to enhance the standards of quality, hygiene and infection control in surgical environments by providing high quality disposable surgical care products. Our product range includes surgical kits, gowns, drapes, wraps, masks, caps and other non-woven products used in hospitals and operation theatres.

Our products also conform to all Indian and International Standards for medical devices.

Our Mission

We believe in providing the best protection possible in an operating environment, both to the patient and the medical staff, through our range of quality products. We use only the highest grade materials manufactured using high-tech machinery in the controlled environment of dust free clean rooms. Our manufacturing facilities in Surat have highly skilled workers using the latest technology, working under strict quality-control procedures. We ensure that every product that leaves our factories passes through stringent quality control and is of the highest quality as per the customers' requirements.


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