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Surgical Drapes
Surgical Drapes are used to isolate the operative site, create an effective barrier between the surgical field and potential sources of bacteria, as well as absorb excess bodily fluids around operative site. Drapes serve as a barrier to prevent the passage of microorganisms between the sterile and non-sterile areas. Sterile drapes are positioned over the patient in such a way that only the minimum area of skin around the incision site is exposed.
SafeOps Surgical Drapes are designed to establish and maintain a sterile field for the operation.
  • Impervious to liquid strikethrough to maintain the sterile field and reduce the risk of wound infection
  • Control and contain body fluids to reduce potential exposure to infections, keep the patient dry and reduce turnaround time between procedures.
  • Reliable adhesion to the skin and wound edge to provide an effective barrier to bacteria on the skin
  • Good tensile and bursting strength to withstand even the most arduous surgical procedures
  •  Low lint to prevent bacterial infections
  • Low memory for easy handling
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